Friday, July 9, 2010

Latest Storm Wardens Roll Call

The Storm Wardens army continues to grow, as you can see!

We are slowly coming to a close with the Storm Wardens Army Project, and what can I say? It's been wildly successful on all counts, beyond even our expectations. The army itself has been painted by some of the most talented folks out there* and is eye-popping to say the very least. You're not going to find a larger, better looking, more complete Storm Wardens army the world at this time. I do have a sneaky suspicion you're going to see these begin to pop up quite a bit over the next year however. 100% of the proceeds (other than the unavoidable PayPal cut) of this project are going directly to Doctors Without Borders, and that's the bottom line; as fun as this has been, and as sweet of an army that a veritable 40k dream team* has put together, it's the charity that matters most.

I've got a good-sized Dark Angels army, and a decent old school Ultramarines army too, but it's safe to say I'll personally never own an army as nice as this one, could. You. It's kind of crazy, a buck, a single dollar could be all that it takes. Mind boggling actually. You can see the army so far in the muster pic up above, but it's not done yet, still coming in:
  • A Landspeeder Storm
  • A Bike Squad
  • More Command Squad Members
  • x2 More Tactical Squads
Don't forget, all of the above comes with a Storm Wardens t-shirt, custom Chessex dice with the Storm Wardens logo, custom Gale Force 9 templates, also with Storm Wardens logos, and a signed copy of the upcoming Fantasy Flight Games Deathwatch RPG (where the Storm Wardens were born). Oh yeah, did I mention the entire army comes packed in a custom laser-cut P.A.C.K. transport supplied by Battle Foam? Like I said, freakin' MIND BOGGLING!

*Present company not necessarily included!