Saturday, August 21, 2010

FoW: Better Late Than Never

As the title states, better late than never indeed! This Flames of War game Andy, Miller, and I played occurred many, many days ago. Perhaps even weeks ago. We got together just for a quick game without a specific historical battle in mind. The forces arrayed were my Guards Armoured tank squads (an inaugural first for them) against some late-war German forces. We rolled up a scenario from the primary rulebook, and came up with some allied forces moving in from off-board in waves, trying to take the central town.

From what I recall of the game it swung wide from one end of the victory spectrum and back. The first three turns were abysmal, my forces were smashed to pieces and woefully short in numbers (because most of my army was off table and couldn't get their reserve rolls). However when my Shermans did happen to roll in, they steamrolled the Germans. At the end of turn three I was, literally, an inch or two from defeat. By the end of the fourth turn I felt confident in in perhaps pulling out a victory, which I eventually did. It wasn't tactical genius or anything, but my tanks came on strong, were getting lucky hits, and shrugged off lots of enemy fire.

I don't mean to cop out here, but I'm going to have to let the photos stand on their own. Thanks to Andy I was able to get these photos in the first place, otherwise I wouldn't even have these to post. I had to post it though, like I said it was my tanks' first game.


My tanks, languishing in off-table reserves...

The Germans move to within breathing distance of the objective

An Airborne bazooka team slags another Jerry tank

German halftracks move through the town

The German forces at game start


  1. Good to see you posting again. Hope everything is well at home with all the coming excitement.

  2. Thanks Brad! Yeah, I foresee a *lot* of weekend=only posting in the immediate future. Things are going well, very well...and very, very busy!

  3. FINALLY ! ... I am glad your forces hit the table. I seem to have the same luck with reserve rolls ... chin up buddy

  4. Thanks Joe, once my tanks did hit the table, the game swung wildly in my favor, but I was about to give up, haha!