Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hairy Horrors, Charismatic Characters, Adept Agents, and Savvy Civilians

Two hair horrors recently seen in the last Strange Aeons game. I did not paint the Werewolf on the left, that one was done (quite well I might add) by Flounder over at Imaginary Lives. The Sasquatch on the right however I did paint. Both figs are from Reaper, and both are great models even before you start to paint them up! Mine was the 'Yeti' figure, but I painted him up as a bigfoot nonetheless. Honestly, I had Alpha Flight's Sasquatch in mind in terms of color scheme. In Strange Aeons the Werewolf is, obviously, the Werewolf, and the Sasquatch represents the 'Missing Link' creature, both from the main rulebook.

I have been dutifully sitting on my entire collection of Chaos in Cairo figures since first edition came out. I never got around to painting them until now, and I'm glad I did. These paint up fast, but still retain a lot of depth and character. Technically the bald guy up front is a bad guy, in the Chaos in Cairo universe, here I'm using him as a Theshold character (leader). The blonde in the back is also going to be a Threshold character. For him I did do a simple weapon swap with his right hand, upgrading his knife into a bolt action rifle.

On the far left is a stalwart 'agent' level figure. I didn't notice until I was painting him that he had some pretty bad mold lines on his left arm I'll have to go back and fix. I like his look of composure and his gentlemanly stance. The last fig on the far right is another agent (although he did play a civilian in the last game). He was fun to paint up as well.

I had taken all of these photos to go along with the last Strange Aeons batrep. I realized the quality was pretty decent though and I could by with these as my 'gallery' photos, and not have to a second shoot with a better light source (ie, outside). Because of that, these fellas like the Werewolf, were not painted by me, but again by Flounder of Imaginary Lives, and again executed rather well. This agent team was smaller by a man, which meant more build points for equipment. They're led by a great "Indy" knockoff and supported by a trenchcoat/fedora wearing tommy gunner and a heavy gunner with a BAR. I love the BAR model but why, oh why, aren't there stats for these things in the book?

The figs in this post were all of the ones we used in our last game. Both Chris' took control of one of the Agent teams above, while I played the lurker models. Points-wise it was rather interesting because just two of my models equaled the same as the seven Threshold agents you see here. Overall, though we're still learning the rules, this continues to be a great game. It also really inspires you paint figs for specific scenarios. Well that's all I've got for now, enjoy!


  1. Mik,

    Great looking figs. As you say, games like these with small numbers are a great excuse to paint up small batches of colorful, fun stuff.

    Should be pretty easy to stat up a BAR. It shoots the same cartridges as US military rifles of the day, but was full auto with a 20 round magazine. By WWII they had some specialized ammunition for the BAR, including steel core armor piercing rounds. Saw a demo of those on TV one time... they chewed through stuff.

  2. Yeah, if you have damage stats for the 1903 Springfield or M1 Garand, they both chamber 30-06, or ".30 Government" as it was called then.

  3. Good to hear from you Brian!

    You guys are right, and the mechanics in Strange Aeons are easy enough I should be able to muddle through with some BAR stats.

  4. All the different minis look pretty good. Thought it was funny in the last post where both the missing link and werewolf show up at the same place and time. Not like the agents have enough to deal with with just one of those.

  5. thanks for sharing.