Thursday, September 9, 2010

Color Scheme Poll: The Final Four

After the last round of voting, with a decent 34 votes, we've narrowed down the choices further to just four. I whipped up four new color plates for each of these schemes as well and assigned them new knee pad numbers to coincide with the new poll over on the left for voting.

If you voted last time, please, please vote again, like I said, we're narrowing this down and just cut 60% of the lesser picked color schemes. These final four are all good ones, I'd be happy with any of the bunch...but even I can only vote for one!

The Sons of Minos are moving along at a good clip. SCWH John has wowed me with both his skill and his generosity yet once again and I've got all the bits of those boxed sets clipped and sorted. In the spirit of "doing this right" I've decided I am going to go with custom bases as well. If it was good enough for the Storm Wardens, it's good enough for the Sons of Minos! So that's it, please vote and make your voice heard!


  1. I can't decide until I see the codpieces!!!

    Just kidding. #2 for the WIN!

    Although now that we've consolidated our choices if I had to pick between #1 and #4. I'm liking #1. Those green upper thighs make me really want to see that codpiece even more...

  2. Ha! I hadn't thought of the codpieces actually. I do believe in ALL the cases above however they're all the same brown as the shoulder pad inserts.

    I'm really torn between #1 and #4...

  3. #3 has a better contrast in the scheme, which gives a nice look, without everything blending into a green/brown 'bleh' look from a distance.

    All of them look nice, but #3 in my opinion is better overall.

  4. I said #1 as I think the green thigh-pieces add some nice contrast (also - bonus points for alternating colours on the kneepads)

  5. I am sad that my #9 didn't make it .... but in the spirit of democratic process ... I believe #1 is the choice for the people ....

  6. The old number one was my favorite, but ironically, the new number one seems to be my new favorite...