Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Waterford War Pigs

This season marks the whopping tenth fantasy football season for me and the boys of the Appalachian Football League. We've played on many different sites over the years, but we've called home for the last three. It's a pay-to-play site, but it does give some nice features for the money. It's kind of cool too, playing with the same group of teams for such a protracted length of time. Well this year's draft has come and gone and below is what my team consists of. We play in a keeper league, and my two keepers from last season were WR Reggie Wayne (a no-brainer there) and RB Michael Turner. The latter is kind of a gamble, but with twelve teams in the league, quality RB's will be kind of hard to come by, plus I'm banking on him having a better season this year than last year. I'm not exactly a coaching genius though!

I won't bore you with the details, I'll let my roster speak for itself, needless to say I do have a good feeling this year, but we'll see. A couple of snags I'm pretty happy with are Matt Schaub at QB and, surprisingly the Jets DST. A lot of times the DSTs play second fiddle, but a solid core can really pack in reliable points week in and week out. Enjoy!


  1. We've been using CBS for our baseball and football leagues for years. Well worth the price you pay.

    My own Misplaced Texians are also running Michael Turner out there, along with Cedric Benson and Jerome Harrison. Hoping to bring home the Cantwell Cup (so named because I was the winner of our inaugural season).

    Our league commish came up with a fun keeper set-up for us. We get to keep 3 players, but their draft place moves up 5 spots each year. We draft 20 players (active roster includes flex and 3 individual defenders), so the later rounds are all about trying to find keepers for next year.

    Good luck to War Pigs

  2. You are in good shape. Ryan Grant isn't flashy, but he is a solid #1 RB.

    Fortunately, I think I only play you once this year!

  3. Huh. Fantasy Football, yet you only got humans for your team. True, they're well-rounded, but shouldn't have taken at least one big guy, like an Ogre?

  4. Well, we don't play individual defensive players like Brian does, that's where you find the Ogres!