Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Sons of Minos: Color Scheme Poll

If you stare at these long enough, like Biscuit and I have, they really do start to look the same. There are differences though, fairly significant in some we need your help! As I stated last, I'm going to give one more Space Marine army a shot and this time I'm creating my own chapter. The above images all represent the possible color schemes. There could be more options, but I think these are the most indicative of what we're shooting for.

So please, take a good, long look at the armor variants above and place your vote on the poll to the left. The number of each color scheme is on the left knee-pad of each marine. Not all the marines in the army will have capes, but the capes shown above will represent what any cloth/tabbards/etc. will be colored on the figs.

So vote today citizens! I've got over a hundred and fifty readers, it'd be nice to get that many votes, but I'll take anything I can get! The more that vote however the better the spread will be of opinions. Plus, you'll get to direct the action here on the painting home front.

The Sons of Minos:
This new chapter will represent a good, albeit renegade, Space Marine chapter (with a very dark secret) and they'll be fairly low on numbers. The base of operations is a largely aquatic planet in tidal-lock with its moon. A trio of inert Battle Barges form an immense defense station in orbit between the planet, Minos, and its moon, Tindalos. A space elevator run from the surface of Minos to the station, known as the Tri-Star.

Their numbers will be reinforced by Imperial Guard-esque forces from the neighboring moon, Tindalos, which will encompass standard IG type units as well as some more esoteric choices (witches, robot dogs, mutant ogres, and the like).


  1. Hmmmmm..that would be a cool setting to run an RPG on. Run an Inquisitor campaign on Tindalos where the players are sent there to investigate these renegades.

    The conversions that spring to mind for 40K witches and such are awesome too.

  2. Nothing three ain't too shabby...

    Wait 'til you guys see the shoulder pads, man, they're something to die for!

  3. I voted 9 because I like quartered paint schemes and because it would be the most bother for you to paint. ;-)

  4. The Inquisitor on Tinadlos in known as the Hound.

  5. That's where the robot dogs come into play!

  6. The Sons of Cuthulu that would be fun. :P

    only when the stars are right.

  7. Duck Sauce I agree ...... but because I think it cool !

  8. @Joe: He's always busting my chops!

    @Derina: In my original Death Spectres list, the captain was name Cthonius...

  9. Number 4 for the win. Although in irony when we originally came up with the color schemes #4 was #6. #6 seems to be winning it atm... Hold on a sec. I'm gonna call my mom and the rest of my family to correct this egregious voting error.

    *I am Biscuit and I approve this message*
    (This comment is paid for by the council of #4 to win and does not reflect the views of Biscuit even though he quotably said so.)

  10. Hehehe changed my vote to #4.