Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hordes of the Things: Four Army Clash

Wood Elves and Grail Knights joined forces to eliminate a scourge of Undead and Barbarians that were running rampant up and down the countryside. The Elves and the Knights have shared a mutual partnership for night on a century and their armies have a lot of experience fighting alongside one another.

The Barbarian hordes and the Necromancer's Undead are a tenuous alliance at best, although it is rumored the Barbarians worship the same fell gods as the Undead. The two alliances clashed at dusk, the Undead fortress, a plane-shifting necropolis has just become visible. With the Necropolis in sight, the forces of good attack.

The forces of the Grail Knights, with Unicorn (magician) and Pegasus (aerial hero)

Knights square off against Barbarian riders and Mumaks

The Pegasus takes a dive, the Knights' aerial hero falls lifeless

When Gods attack! The Undead summon forth their colossal God...

...who is subsequently bested by the Unicorn and driven off!

The Wood Elves summon their own deity, in the form of a mighty tree

The Wood Elf God attacks the Necropolis (then we realized you couldn't do this)

The Tree God faces the Barbarian Mumak behemoths

This is one of those games that no miniature gamer should be without. Hordes of the Things is just a great, simple, easy-to-use, and incredibly adaptable game. Working in 6mm is great too because an entire army, all you'll ever need will run you twenty buck, thirty if you want a lot of options thrown in there. This battle took place a couple of weeks ago, with as busy as I've been however, it's just now going up, my apologies. I wish I could lavish a little extra detail into the report as it is, but my recollection is a tad fuzzy. Enjoy!


  1. IIRC, the god simply had no chance to damage the stronghold.

  2. Right-o. Gods are completely ineffectual against strongholds, much to this tree-giant's chagrin!

  3. And as an added bonus you can now download Hordes of the Things for free. Go to and look in the "History of WRG" section.

  4. Brian! Dude, we miss you!