Friday, October 1, 2010

A Color Scheme It Shall Be

The Official Look of the Sons of Minos

Thanks to the sixty-six of you who voted! I was originally hoping for a minimum of fifty, so I am more than happy. Although the choices were pretty similar, there were significant subtleties hidden within each and I know choosing wasn't easy. I know I personally changed my mind several times over and each of the last four choices all got a vote by me at one point.

So the Sons of Minos now have a color scheme. I'm planning on putting my army on custom bases, so they're kind of languishing in limbo right now, but that gives me time to keep writing fluff and planning my army lists and stuff. Speaking of which, if you've got a spare Space Wolves codex laying around, let me know! Until then, enjoy the picked it out!


  1. Thought not the one I wanted, it is a good color scheme and worthy of the Minions.

  2. Yeah, it's been fun in these beginning stages, but the 'work' stage is now upon me, arrrgh!

  3. Planning is easy .... grunt work is hard :)