Saturday, October 9, 2010

Last of the Year's Garden Goodies

Let's face it, this season has been very slim in garden post here at Mik's Minis. The truth of the matter is it was just too hot this summer. Ten day stretches of 95+ degree temperatures, weeks between rain, plants just don't do well in those conditions. Neither do I really, and working out in the garden, where the humidity was close to the temperature was a bit much.

To that end, I basically let it go. The other day I did go down to assess the damage, it being October now I figured I'd just check and see. I was pretty surprised to find a good deal of produce left for me. Next time you see a post with the 'garden' tag on it, it'll be me, six months from now getting it ready for next summer. Enjoy!

My bell peppers did all right, there were some more I picked back around Labor Day, and they were good to eat right off the plant. As you see in the pic, I had a couple of funky mutant carrots. Well I cut the big one up after washing it and it was really good. Like a store-bought carrot just more...Earthy. Of course that was probably me not washing it thoroughly!

These are mutant little jalapeños. They don't look it, but they're just as hot, but shaped quite differently. They're very bulbous, and the skin is thick and fibrous. The heat is just as strong as a "regular" jalapeño however. I think these stay green too.

I don't even know what's going on here! They're not too spicy, but not too dull either. They've got a nice red color too. I sliced 'em up and just ate them as is.

The MVP this year were the banana peppers, without a doubt. You can see here, even left to their own devices and basically neglected by myself, I was able to pull a good sized number of them off the plants. These particular ones were still just as good as past one.


  1. Mutant, bulbous,'s like a Lovecraft story!

    I am a big pepper fan, so your photos look great!

  2. Looks like your peppers were the plant star this year. Mine were tomato plants .... they over ran the peppers and a strawberry plant we had ! ...

  3. All this talk about peppers... now tomatoes.... now I want chili!

  4. @ Mike Howell, I make a killer chilli .. shame the guys have moved away :(

    We had a bumper crop of runner beans this year

  5. Last year it was the jalapeños, but this year, yup, it was all banana pepper. These were the spicy kind too, I think there's footage of me eating one a few garden posts back.

    I made a killer salsa for the gaming group once...and only once. It was apparently too killer.