Friday, October 15, 2010


FALL IN!™ is one of the largest gatherings of historical miniatures gamers and exhibitors on the East Coast. [They] expect more than 1,500 attendees from across the nation, as well as from Canada and overseas.

I haven't been to a gaming convention in years...years. I plan on rectifying this incredible slight to my gaming record at the end of the month however as I attend Fall-In! I'll be driving up with a couple of my buddies, "Duck Sauce" Andy, and Bob "MoA" Bryant and I believe we'll be rendezvousing with Repple Depple's Brian along the way (though I could be wrong about that last part). I am very excited about it, but the exclamation in the title is really there because it's their trademarked title, kind of like when you buy a can of SPAM!, or maybe unclog your sink with a bottle of DRANO!

Honestly I have yet to pre-register for the event, and today might be the last day so I may miss out altogether on that, but sometimes the games where you have the most fun are the ones that are unexpected and weren't planned for in the first place.

So my question is, are YOU going to Fall-In! by chance? Maybe you're running a game I should sign up for or you're playing in a game we could both roll dice in. I think it'd just be cool to hang out with some of the peeps who frequent the blog and I chat with, I know some of you are flung all over the globe, but you never know. Let me know, at the very least we'll share a pint.


  1. Awesome! I'll be up there for sure. Look for me @ the FOW tournament.

  2. Hi Mik

    I'll be at the show for work. I'll be the guy in the blue Wargames Illustrated shirt taking tons of photos. Say Hi if you see me.


  3. Mik,

    You know I'll be there. I'm running a couple of games - one Roman Seas game and the Egypt v. Libya Check Your 6! - jet Age game that debuted at the now semi-nearly-legendary BrianCon.

    I'm headed up Friday morning. Looking forward to hanging out with you guys a bit and catching up. I assume you guys are heading up Thursday? If you have any reason to be stopping in Winchester (right on your way on I-81), give me a ring a the same old number.

  4. Hey indierockclimber, if you'll be there, I'd like to grab a beer with you! This is yellowking from reddit.

  5. Not just Indie, maybe a Minions of the Beermeister night!

  6. Absolutely! We'll be there Thursday and Friday night but have to bounce early Saturday morning. Gotta make it to DC for the restore sanity and/or fear rally :P

    My cell is 804-405-8617 feel free to shoot me a text as I don't usually answer if I don't recognize who is calling.

  7. @Indie: Sounds great, we'll text you once we get settled in.

    @Brian: I knew something was in the works, but I forgot the details!

    @Dave: Yeah, as I was reading my issue of Wargames Illustrated with the vikings in it I noticed you're name as the editor. That was around the same time we were all embroiled in the Storm Wardens project, it took me a while to connect the two. I'll holler at you for sure. Sounds like a Minions of the Beermeister event might be in effect to boot...

  8. We should be up there for Thursday night.