Sunday, October 24, 2010

Updates 'n Such

1. First and foremost, that time of the year is upon us again when Photobucket holds all my images for ransom. Seeing how I've got about 700 posts, that's too many pics to transfer or whatever. I may be jinxing myself, but the "due date" for me paying has come and passed, and my pics remain, so I'll wait 'til lights out, then pay up.

2. The Sons of Minos are in a slight holding pattern until I snag some bases. I will be going with the Dragon Forge's "Lost Empires" bases, I just need to save up some money because...

3. Fall-In! IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! In less than a week from now, Duck Sauce, Bob Bryant, and myself are headed to Pennsylvania and we're hooking up with Repple Depple's Brian along the way. I didn't pre-register, so you'll find me in the huge registration line Thursday night. If you're reading this, make sure you find me at one point nonetheless. I am so looking forward to going.

4. I've mentioned Sarterra here more than a couple of times. Work continues to move forward on this fantasy world we're collaboratively creating. After laying out the basics we're now 'zooming in' on the continents and fleshing out the cities, organizations, and specific landforms. It's been a long road, it's nowhere near completion, but it's been a blast every step. I'll be posting soon on the two continents we've been fine tuning.

5. While we're talking about Sarterra, making the world is one thing but the goal is to actually play in it. I've got a couple of characters to whip up to boot, using the FATE system, so they'll be making an appearance as well.

6. Last, since it's Sunday as I type this I guess I should mention my Fantasy Football team, the Waterford Warpigs. I'm having my usual abysmal year sitting at 2-4, and today's game looks like it'll be a slaughter since four of my best starters are on a bye week.


  1. Fantasy FATE- weird but interesting. I'll have to read some more on that project.

  2. Thanks Loquacious, big Sarterra post coming up this Tuesday. We're using the Legends of Anglerre rulebook as our FATE engine.

    Rumor has it you can also /listen/ on the project too!

  3. Looks like a nice list of things on your plate ... I have began to look at the FATE system as well ...

  4. Gyro- We have an Ambassador doing Legends of Angelerre and it's the weirdest, most backwards crazy thing I've ever seen. But somehow it works.

  5. lol your fantasy team is doing better then mine I'm 1 and something!