Sunday, October 10, 2010

More Sons of Minos Assembly: HQ

Progress on the Sons of Minos continues, albeit slowly. I've pieced together a couple of HQ models, originally a "counts as" Pedro Kantor and a Chaplain. Having recently switched over to the Space Wolves codex however, I guess it'll be a Wolf Lord and a Rune Priest. Same principles apply however. The fellow on the left is the 'bad mammajamma' captain of this newly minted chapter. He's got a lightning claw and a storm bolter. I've since put a chaos backpack (the kind with the 'stretchy' exhausts) on him after I filed off most of the spiky bits.

The other guy will be a Rune Priest, armed with a Crozius Arcanum and a bolt pistol. I've also got a jump pack with his name on it so he can swoop in with Assault Marine, or Skyclaws, or whatever they're called. A Chaos Marine "skull" helmet, CM skull embossed shoulder pad , and a marine skull breastplate get the motif across as nauseum. We get it, he's a chaplain, haha.

Remember the awesome shoulder pads that Jon at Santa Cruz Warhammer whipped up? Well I'm still working off of my sample pack I got in the mail, and two of them have already made there way onto the bare left shoulders of these guys. I'm still saving my shekels for some fancy-pants resin bases, I've narrowed them down to the two below, and no, I'm not going to run another poll for which base to choose, although feedback is always appreciated!

Dragon Forge's "Lost Empires", or Secret Weapon's "Alien Invasion"?


  1. I love em ...... looking great Mik.

  2. Thanks! I'm in kin of a holding pattern 'til I get some finds to buy some bases...which I'm still torn on.

  3. I got some regular bases I think .... round ones

  4. I like the lost empires ones. Less busy.