Sunday, December 12, 2010

2nd HCR Armored Cars

Following up on yesterday's FoW post, here's another pic of my latest addition, a recce unit. These guys are actually the first non-Sherman minis for my growing army, so that's something right there. They will be an attached reconnaissance unit to my larger tank army. Intended for Late War, Market Garden action, the troops in the pic, also Irish Guards, are part of the 2nd Household Cavalry. First of all there was 'no assembly required' which compared to all those pesky Sherman parts, was a breath of fresh air!

It was kind of a bummer, these guys were slated for action just the other night in a debut game. Unfortunately a mis-communication between Andy, who was hosting the game, and Tom, the resident big German forces guy. We had to make some last minute list changing (cutting them down smaller) and my freshly painted armored car guys got the boot! It's just as well, technically they've got the wrong color berets on, and woe be to the player who puts these non-uniform models on the table. I might as well paint the cars purple!

Now for all the purists out there I just wanted you to know that after their battle, when I unpacked them that night, I immediately re-painted their berets black! It's those innocuous little nuances that are tricky going into a historical hobby via a very non-historical path. Really, no one cares that I game with, and I wouldn't game in circles that would care in the first place, and since I don't do the tournament scene, no harm, no foul. Nonetheless, I still want to try and do it right. I will say this, as I unpacked my twenty Shermans, armored car squad, and Vandeleur with his FAC I felt kind of proud having gotten all of that painted.


  1. Looking good. I am happy to hear that you corrected the berets ;P

    Its coming along .... Are you coming to Cold Wars ? we could get some pickup games in ...

  2. Thanks, I've been on fire wiht the FoW stuff!

    Cold Wars is a no-go this time around unfortunately, I think Fall-In! was my big hoorah for the year.

  3. Fall In! was so 2010. Time to start planning hoorah's for 2011!