Saturday, December 11, 2010

Two More Irish Guards Platoons

Here's two more platoons of British Sherman V tanks. I posted a WIP on these guys not that long ago, and here they are done! Not only did they paint up very quickly, comparing these with the first two platoons (and HQ platoon), the latter batch looks better too. Each platoons consists of two regular Sherman V tanks, one command Sherman, and one Firefly tank.

Yes, the two photos are pretty much identical but I promise it's eight different tanks! You'll note on the Firefly turrets I added the black-and-white countershadowing pattern to help disguise their length. I wasn't thrilled about the last batch of Firefly turrets either so I went back and gave them another shot while I was at it.

This Sherman tank above is exactly what I'm shooting for. Exactly. I don't know where this one is on display at, but I'd love to see it in person. You can see the Guards Armored emblem on the front of the tank itself as well as the regiment number, the 53rd which is what I'm painting up. You can also see the bridging sign up above the right tread, and although my tanks are in 15mm, I think it'd be cool to add bridging signs as well. Now this one above also has its serial number on it, which I'll avoid, as well as the nickname "Little John", which although is cool, both might make for tedious decal application. The problem is that the only decals I have are the Guards Armored symbols themselves, so it may be a while before I track down the regiment numbers and bridging signs unfortunately.

All right, here it is, my Guards muster shot! Now there's been a lot of FoW army pics of late, Andy posted his Germans recently, and Steven's been going nuts with all of his armies over at WWPD. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Joe's FoW blog either, but he's been slacking on the muster pics! Anyway, point being, my little force here pales in in comparison all of those mentioned, but it is my force and I'm growing fond of it.

Using my Hell's Highway book I've maxed out my core choices of Sherman combat platoons and from here it's all about the support and weapons platoons. Next up is my armored car recce squad, which should be done by the time I write this, and then I've some self-propelled artillery to tackle as well as some other goodies.


  1. Thanks! This historical foray has actually been a lot of fun for me. More to come, but to break it up some I painted up ten aliens today, woohoo...

  2. Great stuff!! They burned so nicely... ;-)

  3. I wouldn't have minded the burning so much...if it was done a bit classier with flashing LED fire markers!

  4. AWESOME ! Nice looking stuff buddy ! And thanks for the props mention. I need to get some pictures of my forces together. I was able to get to a tournament in DE this weekend with Steve, Jon and Luke. Placed 10th out of 16 and had my 1000 points of painted forces on the table ..... it was a blast !

  5. Check out Dom's Decals, he has a decal sheet with both formation numbers and bridging signs for most units.

  6. Thanks for the visit and the tip, that's exactly what I'm looking for!