Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Apes of Wrath

Thanks to a timely post over at All Things Fett, I was privy to a large clearance sale at Fantasy Flight Games. The sale is over now, but not before I got in a good-sized order at a pint-sized price. AT43 items were being sold at nickles on the dollar and I raked in as much as my tight budget would allow, which wasn't much in terms of dollars, but yielded a large box full of "damn dirty apes in power armor", so I was a happy camper.

I picked up a trio of their exo-hardsuits, two core unit boxes of Karmans, a matching unit attachment box for each core unit box, and a couple of Karman heroes, all for just $34 bucks! I blew my nicely padded 'miniatures bought in 2010' number out of the water, but it was worth it because I don't have to paint them!

I do planning on spiffing them up just a bit, not a lot but just enough to make them presentable on the tabletop. If you recall my Sci-Fi Simians post some time ago I scored a pair of these apes and tweaked them ever-so-slightly. Mainly I'll get some flock on their bases, rip off those awful wrist-dual-pistol things, and touch up some details on the faces like eyes, optic lenses, and the like. They will primarily be for 5150, and represent the hulking Zhuh-Zhuh. Really though, they should work in just about any 28mm sci-fi setting.

ZHUH-ZHUH is the common term for
members of the infraorder SUPRASIMIIFORMES
also referred to as SIMIANS. When expeditions from
GAEA PRIME had first contact with the Zhuh-Zhuhs
we were assumed that these were “evolved’ cousins
of the infraorder SIMIIFORMES or “higher primates”
that populate many worlds in one form or another.
This was incorrect as proven centuries later with data
that supports that Suprasimmiformes are much older
than was originally thought. Zhuh-Zhuhs or Zhuhs
come in all shapes and sizes ranging from smaller
three-foot tall members (MUGGIE ZHUH-ZHUHS) to
those close to seven feet tall. Further evidence
suggests that the Zhuh-Zhuhs have more in common
with the average BASIC than what is loosely termed
a “monkey”. Unfortunately, this evidence has done
little to offset the hostility that exists between Basic
and Simian. -from the free 5150 download, "Illegal Aliens"

Some slightly closer-up shots...

Now these hardsuits were $2 bucks a pop, and to my surprise they sport five points of articulation. Also to my surprise they were a lot smaller than I thought. Each one is about the size of the above apes themselves. I thought they were going to be the size of the AT43 Fire Toads, but that's all right. These are fine, since they are just hardsuits, but I thought they were more like walking tanks. Nonetheless, these will be perfect for use in the 15mm realms and form a nice squadron for the smaller guys.

So there you go, a bunch of figures to add to the pile. They'll all see some action sooner or later on the tabletop, well that's the plan anyway, right? Ahem...


  1. Oh man, that's a hell of a haul!!!

  2. Nice bit of shopping there. I never seem to find deals like that, but lucky a buddy of mine always looks out for me when he is deal shopping!

  3. Whoa, great shopping spree! Congrats on adding so many cool miniatures to your collection. You've definitely peaked my interest in 5150, I really need to check out those rules.

  4. Are you friggin kidding me!!!

    I have been hoping for another sale for ages and I miss the big one! There goes my chance for Tac-Arms for conversion to 15mm combat walkers.

    Nice haul there Mik.


  5. Thanks for chiming in y'all. These will definitely go in a box until a later date, it was a case I had to jump on right away with.

    I thought about making a duplicate post about the sale but I never got around to it, I shouldn't assume everyone follows all the same blogs either. Sorry guys!

    @Papa JJ: Just so you know, the 5150 rules will require a *lot* of work on your part, they're great rules but not written very clearly.

  6. That's an awesome haul there Mik! I'm almost glad I missed the sale though, as I'm pretty sure I'd have failed my Willpower rolls and placed a big order. Phew :)

  7. Well crap, I should've posted something about the sale dang it! I'll get everyone's backs next time, thanks to the Fettster for having mine.