Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Blacktron Agency: AE Bounty Hunter Crew

The Blacktron Agency has been a successful bounty hunter charter for close to seventy-five years. At its core it is run by two directors who are as active in the field as they are running the company. It is true, no job is too large (or dangerous) for them to take on, but there are definitely jobs the agency turns down for being too small. Their success and reputation means they can be highly selective in the jobs they take on.

Two-Man Bounty Hunter Crew

Options: x2 hero upgrades, x2 experience upgrades

Dirty Tricks: Coordinated Attack, Tertiary Objective, Trap

I was talking up AE Bounty the other day and here's what I've got ready for the first game so far. As I mentioned, I am going to do it up in Lego the first go round. I created little "deck plate" stands for the figures to go on.

Obviously Lego figs are larger than 28mm, but the bases themselves should be about 30mm wide, so tabletop scales should be all about the same. I used single stud on top 1x2's so the figures can stand in the center of the base. You'll also note the clear colored round studs too. I'm using those for two things, and this will go for all the AE Bounty bases I do up in Lego. First off, the number of round studs work as wound counters. So if a figure has two studs on their base, they have two wounds (like the guys you see here).

The color of the stud is important as well. AEB uses experience levels for all models on the table; green, regular, veteran, and elite. I'll use colors to correspond to xp levels, so at a glance you can see what power level everyone is at. Green for green, blue for regular, orange for veteran, and finally red for elite (like the two you see here).

Ezra Meeker, Human Elite Gunsel
M3, RC3+, CC3, A4, S2, DR6, W2

Gear: Electrolaser Pistol, Slugthrower Pistol, Sword, Light Armored Suit

Skills: Duelist, Hunter (Pirate)

Abel Helman, Human Elite Gunsel
M2, RC2+, CC3, A5, S2, DR5, W2
Gear: LRF Slugthrower with AP rounds, Armored Suit

Skills: Marksman, Hunter (Pirate)


  1. I noticed that Lego put out some board games a couple of years ago, but they're missing a trick by not putting out some sort of tabletop wargame.

  2. They've even got a MMORPG out now! You know, a long time ago a buddy and I did write a set of Lego tabletop rules, we're talking at least a dozen years back. Once hailed, "LEGO Omniverse is returned to its former position of prominence" even, haha. Here's the linkage:

  3. Can't wait to see the battle reports for this!!

  4. This is great. I use them for tabletop too, especially Space Hulk. I pretty much steal your ideas every time you post about it though.

    So, uh, keep posting about it.

  5. CF: I was just about to kick your rear end over here. So glad you found this to steal- I mean, borrow LIBERALLY from.

  6. Ha, thanks guys, borrow away! The pirates will post tomorrow, and the next day has some other Lego AE Bounty goodies in store...