Monday, December 20, 2010

The Crew of the Swollen Goat; AE Bounty Pirates

No horizon is obscured by the clouds. Settlements make nary a sound. And there were black birds singing and fish floating on the sea. While the bells of the buoys all rang in harmony.

Bury your treasure, burn your crops,
Black water rising and it ain't gonna stop.

The governor he been long gone, anchor dropped on his front lawn. Build a keep and dig a moat, the return of the Swollen Goat. Can you hear the fife and drums, barnacles barking at the sun. Ain't no chance, so don't you try, now everybody got to die. -Clutch
Large Pirate Crew
Options: dropped one green unit, one unit xp level upgrade
Dirty Trick: Stand Your Ground

El Sobrante, Arges Veteran Captain
M2, RC+4, CC5, A6, S3, DR5, W3
Gear: Slugthrower rifle, armored suit, sword
Skills: Blooded Warrior, Beserk, Unstoppable

Crash Wingo, Human Veteran Quartermaster
M3, RC+4, CC3, A4, S3, DR4, W2
Gear: Slugthrower long rifle, cybernetic arms and eyes
Skills: Hunter (Human), Steady Hands, Nightvision, Aim

Naos Corsairs, Regular
Skills: Hunter (Phact), Sure-footed

M3, RC+5, CC3, A2(4), S3, DR4, W1
Heavy Melee Weapon and Personal Energy Screen

M3, RC+5, CC3, A3, S3, DR4, W1
Equipment: Pike and Light Armored Suit

M3, RC+5, CC3, A2, S3, DR4, W1
Mono-wire edged sword

Human Crewman, Green
M3, RC+5, CC2, A2, S2, DR3, W1
Gear: Electrolaser pistols, random gear choice at game start
Skills: Apathetic

Chort Crewman, Green
M4, RC+5, CC2, A2, S2, DR3, W1
Gear: Electrolaser pistols, random gear choice at game start
Skills: Craven, Small Stature


  1. Haha...that is Terrific. I love that I can look at the stats and go "yeah, I can see that" when looking at the figs.

  2. Friggin' WOW!
    Can I play????

  3. @Counterfett: Thanks! Lego figs are the original WYSIWYG miniatures! I did try to match up pieces and gear to skills and the like, especially on the captain, he just looks like a beserk, unstoppable blooded warrior!

    @Loqu: You know it! My quoted lyrics were a little messed up so I've fixed it!

    @Double B: All kidding aside, I think we live in the same state, email me!

  4. Those pictures look awesome. I'm sure the flavor text is good too..I don't actually read that.

  5. Hey Gyro, I'm loving this blog, man! It's great! Couple of things I was wondering - with Crash Wingo, he has two 'augmentation' pieces of gear. Have you houseruled this at all, since it's not allowed in the rules. Similarly, I believe all members of the same unit must have the same equipment.

  6. Thanks Tom. The humans and the Chort are all equipped the same, but for some reason I thought the Corsairs had a little more flexibility. As for Señor Wingo, you're probably right, this was my first foray into the rules, and honestly the crew creation for pirates is a bit confusing here and there to begin with. If I erred on both counts we may have to houserule them in anyway because they just look so cool that way!