Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Happy Holidays!

I've been the unwitting participant (once again) in an artistic hybrid minionizing of Rankin-Bass, 40k, and Keebler! Chris "Biscuit" Miller comes through once again with a large group portrait of the rather large host of the Minions of the Monster Master podcast. Head over there and check out the entire crew in all the minion holiday glory today, and happy holidays!


  1. I must say you look X10 happier in this recent "photo" op than the zed invasion. Or did your character look scared due to the random vomiting guy on the side of the road ? lol

  2. As long as I keep receiving a full head of hair in these pics I don't mine!

  3. It looks awesome, I particularly like the dice instead of a puff ball on the caps!