Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Pair o' Spacers

Not too long ago there was talk of us playing some old school Alternity by TSR. All it took was just the mention of it to get inspired to paint up a couple of spacer figs. The little guy on the left would be a Fraal (Grey by Zombiesmith). The human merc on the right with the rocket launcher is a very old GW fig, I think just from the Rogue Trader days. The pics don't do them a whole of justice, and the ultra-zoom certainly doesn't help! The Alternity project never quite made it off the runway, but nonetheless these were fun to paint up. Besides, it's always good to have figs like this on hand just for the heck of it and I've got more Greys to paint as well.


  1. These two would be great for filling in as a space crew .... captain and co-pilot combo.

  2. Excellent work. I love the purplish alien basing! I had a blast playing Alternity back in the day!

  3. @Joe, I like your idea, the two of them in a cramped, cluttered little skiff. I think it'd be a neat twist having the little guy as captain, the human playing the role of co-pilot.

    @Bill, thanks! The purplish basing was spur of the moment, but it came out pretty neat, and kind of pulls them together a bit more (which I tried to do with the green as well).

    We played Alternity a *long* time ago too, all I remember was something about a rogue AI in a space station and my Weren engineer carried a flintlock pistol! It was definitely a blast!

  4. Always liked that miniature - I managed to pick it up from eBay a good while back, painted him up as a jack-of-all-trades "Problem Solver" for my Neo-Fascist-ish faction for my Post-Apoc stuff. Very nice use of him!

  5. Thanks man. It is an awesome fig, but looking at these pics I feel I didn't do him a lot of justice, not fishing for compliments, I'm just saying. He's tabletop quality, but I try to do a little better with the single figs.

    I hadn't thought of him in a near-future setting, but now I totally see it.