Friday, December 24, 2010

Long Overdue Orcs

It's one thing to have a bunch of miniatures in a box, or still in the package in storage somewhere, we all have those...some in vast numbers. It's another thing entirely to have a project sitting around on the launch pad, and by project I mean it has a definite purpose (as soon as it's painted, you're using it), and it's been sorted, glued on bases, even primed. All it's doing is waiting for you to paint it.

Thanks to the recent migration of Andy's archives over to a new blog format, all his older material is now in a user-friendly format. Reading back through the archives, I found this post, dated a solid five years ago! That's me, I'm the unnamed "buddy", and that's how long this project has been sitting around. Well, five years is long enough, and with the new year around the corner, I certainly didn't want to make it six!

Here are the latest minis to come out of the workshop here at Mik's Minis. Also, 6mm may also be my new favorite scale! I was able to crank out a full-sized Hordes of the Things army in just two evenings. For those keeping score, I'm counting the whole base as a single miniature in the 'minis painted' category on the right. If you counted the actual figures however this army consists of 58 figures overall, which sounds about like a regular 28mm army.

Hordes of the Things is a great game, and we've been playing off and on for about five years I'm guessing, though probably longer in reality. The rules play fast, are easy to learn but will challenge you in the long run to tactically and proficiently use all of the different types of units, of which there are plenty. You can also play it in any scale, so you can use your existing armies if you'd like, especially to give it a test run. The best thing is, the rules are free! If for nothing else, they make for a surprisingly entertaining read. There's a good site that sums up many of HotT's facets here at the Meadhall, sadly its predecessor, the Stronghold is no longer.

Above you've got a blurry photo from my not-too-smart phone, but here in the next day or two, as the holidays allow, I'll get a proper post or two up detailing my latest army. Five years is a long time, but maybe what my army was doing was waiting for a proper setting to maraud in, like the one we now have in Sarterra.

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