Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More Sons of Minos WIP

The Sons of Minos aren't dead yet! I know I have a new project pop up it seems every week, but to my credit I eventually finish them. Mind you, "eventually" is oft-times measured in increments of years, but I do finish them! I got tired of waiting around for the money to put proper bases (some fancy resin jobs) on these guys so over the weekend I glued them down on my standby; metal washers.

While I was at it I finished up the fiddly bits and got on arms, heads, and shoulder pads. I do want to point out the awesome, custom carved logo shoulder pads most of these guys are sporting. Thanks again to John over at Santa Cruz Warhammer! I held off on putting on a lot of the packs. I'm going for more of a near-renegade feel on these guys, hence all of the Space Wolf and Chaos parts, so to further that I'm going to put packs and Catachan-style rucksacks on a lot of them. My two flamer troopers will sport Cadian fuel tank packs.

Here's the horde: Roughly two tactical squads of ten troops, and four character models. Two of the characters are tooled up to be some pretty major players, the other two were an after-thought whipped up as solo elites. I also am sitting on ten vintage metal terminators that are loaded with character that will be rolled into this army as well.

Looking through the Space Wolf codex it pretty much offers me the flexibility and the variety that I'm looking for. Having said that though, I honestly don't know how many truly legitimate games of 40k are in my future. That's not saying we won't be using 40k figures in a 40k setting, battling 40k battles...just not with 40k rules, you know?

These are the two I whipped up with leftover parts, they'll act as Wolf Guard Battle Leaders, Love Wolves, or the like. I know those horned helmets are terribly Chaos-like, but hopefully after I paint them up, and those Space Wolf and Dark Angel elements are more prominent, these guys will just look like rockin' Space Marines with rockin' helmets.


  1. Looking good Mik, can't wait to see more!

  2. They look great. Really a good combination of bitz.

  3. Looks like you could use some more shoulder pads.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  4. Hmm, could be sir! I didn't want to get greedy, especially with custom made shoulder pads!