Saturday, December 4, 2010

More Irish Guards WIP

Not much going on in this post other than me putting much needed brush to much neglected fig. This is actually a big deal considering how incredibly slothful I've been around the painting table as of late.

So here I've got the last of my Guards Armoured Shermans, number 3 & 4 platoons. I've got turrets, details, and decals to go, but they're painting up fast enough. When these are done that will make four total armoured platoons, plus the company HQ, which I'd say is a solid foundation for the rest of the army. Don't forget, I've still got recce squads, self-propelled artillery, and more to whip up once these are all done. For those keeping score at home this will make just shy of 2,000 points:
  • Guards Armoured No. 3 Squadron
  • Lt. Col. JOE Vandeleur, 50pts
  • Company HQ, 355pts
  • No. 1 Platoon, 375pts
  • No. 2 Platoon, 375pts
  • No. 3 Platoon, 375pts
  • No. 4 Platoon, 375pts
  • TOTAL: 1905pts
By the way, I'll shamelessly ask anyone out there if you happen to have any of the following you can slide my way? I'm looking for spare infantry bases, any size, it doesn't matter. I'm toying around with a 15mm sci-fi project and they would help out a lot. Also, I'm looking for a single German Sd Kfz 251/1 Halftrack to use as a captured command vehicle with my Royal Field Artillery battery. I can trade, or just lavish you with praise publicly.


  1. Mik, I am so happy to see your FOW work hitting the blog. It brings happy tears to this General's eyes :)

    Looking good .... stay on target !

  2. Thanks Joe! Yeah, it's slow going, but still happening. I've got a deadline for these tanks next Friday, and I just got finagled into doing an armoured car squadron too!