Thursday, December 30, 2010

Star Wars Smugglers and Scoundrels

Finally some non-blurry pics of some of the last figs off the bench for the year. I've included the Star Frontiers Sathar in here because as pointed out, he scales well, and fits the 'style' of both the Star Wars universe and the West End Games classic sculpts.

First up are "Hoth" Han and Chewbacca...'nuff said

Next up are the Sathar and a Mon Calamari. I painted the Mon Cal in traditional "Home One" uniform, just 'cause it takes me back to my action figure days with Admiral Ackbar. The closeup pic here leaves his eyes a little something to be desired, so I went back in post-photo and tried to fix them a bit.

He and the Sathar will be another smuggler duo like Han and Chewie, with the space-suited big guy acting as the first mate, and the refined Mon Cal and the captain. They'll have an organic designed light freighter in the Mon Cal style.

I dropped the Sathar on the concrete right before I sprayed them with Dull Cote. You can see the paint threatening to crack off his eye lens. I fixed this by licking the area and smoothing it down with my finger. It tasted like Dull Cote, which is gross to say the least.

I'm also trying out a new camera here and don't have the controls quite down yet. I may default to "old faithful" when it comes to minis, because I know how to get it to take good pictures of minis, this fancy new one escapes me.

So that's it, out of "the last ten", I am now finished! I've exceeded my goal for figs painted this year by a mile and can rest for the rest of 2010. You know, I was thinking though, it's one thing to say I painted 200 figs for the year. It's another thing to say I painted OVER 200 figs for the year, even if "over" just means one more fig. I'll see what I can do, check back tomorrow!


  1. Congrats on exceeding your goal for the year! Oh yeah and the minis look great!

  2. Nice, love the classic Ackbar look.

  3. Cool models and nicely painted. I remember seeing blister packs of these at my hobby shop way back. I never bought any, which is odd considering how I was so into the Timothy Zahn novels.

    I didn't realize there was a look for Ackbar other than the "classic style."

  4. @Meatball: Thank you, it feels good!

    @Brutorz Bill: Once that yellow stripe went down both pant pegs it really took me back oddly enough.

    @Andrew: I loved the Heir to the Empire trilogy too. There's so many Mon Calamari nowadays apparently; Mon Cal Jedi, Mon Cal jungle commandos, even a Mon Cal action figure with a trilobite shield and sword.

    @Chrispy: Hey!

  5. Great looking minis! I love the wookie and the MonCal.

  6. That thar is a good looking wookie. Did you mean to get snow on his feet, or was that an unintended side effect of basing? Whether intended or not, it was brilliant. It looks so much more authentic this way. I think I'm going to have to give it a shot on some of my models now.


  7. Excellent! I loved those old Star Wars minis. Wish I still had mine, but they never made it out of the bachelor house back in the day.

  8. @ACG: Thank you, the Mon Cal is quickly becoming my favorite of the bunch.

    @WH39K: It was definitely an accident, when I was cleaning him up post-basing though I also thought it looked pretty cool so I left it!

    @Eli: I had so many of these back in the day and squandered them all. I had no idea what I was sitting on, and now they're gone, what you see is all that's left...

  9. Some nice work there sir! I have a Mon Calamari and a Wookiee in the painting pile :)

  10. I'd say this is a sign to get them painted!