Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pharaoh's Quest: 2 of 2

This is part two of my Lego Pharaoh's Quest set reviews. If you haven't checked that post out, go ahead. The long and short of it is that Lego is putting out their own line of pulp/horror goodness. This isn't a licensed product like the Prince of Persia sets either, these new sets are all Lego and really pack a punch. This is good news because we won't have to worry about licensing issues in the long run, these sets can go on for a while.

The second set in the series to be reviewed is #7307 Flying Mummy Attack. Yes, you heard right, flying freakin' mummies! You get three mini-figs in the set, plus a really cool bi-plane and new accessories to boot. Lego hasn't skimped on the details this go-round either. Almost all the mini-figs have printed torsos and printed legs, but furthermore, all of the torsos I've seen so far are double-sided as well. Also, the mummies have "two-faced" heads depending on your mood; crazy menacing, or cyclopean chic.

The mummies are the same as set #7306, but their gear sets them apart by a mile. Looking at the box I thought these were same headdresses we've seen all along, but painted anew. Nope, these are completed new headdresses without the "pony tail" in the back, making these much easier to fit with capes and certain armor pieces. Not to mention these look cool with the Horus-styled paint jobs.

The new helmets aren't the coolest things though, it's the wings. These are hard plastic, neck-hole/peg backpack style wings, and you get two of them. These look great, are multi-colored and printed on both sides.

You can also see in here our hero, Jake Raines. He's got a nicely printed torso which is a leather flight jacket and as you can see, he's got his biplane symbol on the back. He also comes with not one, but two of the blocky, drum fed machine guns. These are really parts for the biplane itself, but they're too good to pass up in you character's hands. Other than a few Batman sets, these have been kind of scarce to get a hold of.

This Egyptian obelisk is very cool and makes a great addition to the tabletop. My one complaint however is a trend I don't think we'll see Lego reversing anytime soon and that it's not printed bricks you see here, but stickers. Johnny Thunder never put up with stickers! Other than this, which I won't begrudge them too much, it's a nice terrain piece.

The biplane itself is a very cool model. Let's face it, compared to the original Thunder biplanes, this one is amazing! I thought the engine could've enjoyed a little more detail, but the twin machine guns up top more than make up for it. It did have a very lame "sky hook" attachment underneath (so you could fly by the obelisk and snatch the diamond) but I didn't bother with it...and neither should you!

So the intended action in set #7307 is pretty cool. You've got a hunk of treasure atop an obelisk. Swooping in to snatch it away you got a daring pulp hero pilot, but wait, freakin' flying mummies are here too! They want the diamond and at the bidding of an yet-to-be-revealed master, they aim to steal it first. Barrel rolls and machine gun chatter fill the skies above the desert as biplane and flying mummy dance their aerial tango.


  1. Shoot, that little plane is so cool! I might have to get me, er, my boys one. :)

  2. Excellent stuff, thanks for posting!

  3. Thanks guys, I thought the plane was pretty cool myself. In fact, so cool we even joked last night about running a game of Check Your 6! in this scale!