Tuesday, December 28, 2010

These Actually Are the Droids You're Looking For...

The six Star Frontiers robots are finished! This is a blurry pic from my dumb-phone, but consider it a teaser for now. I like how these turned out and I'd like to give them their due with a real post. I just wanted to get these posted here before the new year so they'd "officially" count for the 2010 totals. You can see the Star Frontiers Sathar in the background, he (she?) is basically done as well, I just need to base him (her?).

I'll be honest, in the beginning I was just going to do a silver drybrush on all these guys and call it a day, shooting for quantity over quality. There was such an overwhelmingly positive response from you guys though I was inspired to do more. I broke the six 'bot group into three pairs and painted each pair with a specific "theme" in mind.

Hoth Han and Chewie painted up much faster than I thought as well. I tell you, these old West End Games sculpts are really great. The Han Solo fig actually looks like Harrison Ford, and has plenty of detail, not bad for "true" 25mm scale. Chewbacca was a good sculpt as well, but it seems to me kind of hard to screw up a Wookie sculpt.

Another blurry pic, sorry, consider it another teaser pic. I wanted to get these guys in under the wire for 2010 as well. No time for more, I've still got two figs to paint up and an 'end of the year' post to whip up as well. Enjoy!


  1. I dog those Star Frontiers fig. Nicely done!

  2. You'll have to forgive the blurry pic, I'll give them their due soon, I promise!

  3. I love the old West End sculpts. It's ashame that they folded. When I can score them I jump at the purchase. Great looking stuff Buddy !

  4. Your blog is awesome, Mik. One never knows what they're going to see when they click on a new post. I'm amazed at the amount of seemingly random toys you own. Consider me jealous.

  5. @Joe: You'd really be sad if you saw how many *complete* Star Wars boxed sets of West End Games figs I unloaded on eBay a handful of years back! I know I am...

    @WH39K: Thanks, coming from you that's high praise! There's one thing that can be said about me with confidence, and random is it.

  6. I hope you do some sort of "adventure" post with these! I too really enjoy your blog!