Monday, January 3, 2011

Duck and Cover!

Time: 1962, Anno Domini
Place: Planet Earth, Former United States of America

Model: HK52-13-13 Interdiction Droid
Primary Function: Search and Destroy
Equipment: Mission-adaptable weaponry began here with the HK robots. Shown above, the model on the left is armed with a rapid-fire cannon chambered in .303 as well as a tungsten-grade grappler. It houses a tremendous power plant that runs fan turbines that allow it to move as a hovercraft. The model on the right has havier armor and also has a tungsten-grade grappler. Its primary armament is a chemical fueled flamethrower.

Description: The HK robots were an intimidating sight and would often cause even the most stalwart prey to turn and run. Air dropped into areas suspected of harboring survivors exactly one year after the atomics fell upon the continental United States, these robots dominated the landscape for some time. The southwest became the hunting grounds for the HK robots as it proved to have survivors who were too busy trying to scratch out existence and not able to mount a formidable resistance. Always working in pairs, HK robots could not be bartered or reasoned with, their single-minded programming absolute; destroy all humans.


  1. What a gruesome pair. Against the flamethrower, I imagine that range would be your friend. However, the slugthrowing robot is armed with a ranged weapon. The slugthrower could pin down prey until the flamer could get close and roast 'em.

    "I'm burning!"

  2. Those are brilliant colours and textures. They work very well with the salt and pepper of the base. It's a reversal of the colours on the crusaders up at Paul's Bods at the moment.

  3. @Christian: The flamethrower is good for other things too like torching shanty-towns and the like. You're right, since they do work in pairs, the hover-bot suppresses and the torch-bot immolates.

    @Porky: Good eye! I tried to layer in metallic after metallic mixed with washes in between. I don't use a light-box (or even a fancy camera) so the pics were hard to pick all of that up.

  4. Too bad the deathbots don't like s'mores, because a flamethrower would be handy for that, too.

  5. Cool looking models, what game system are they for if you don't mind me asking?

  6. What is this based on?
    Looks fascinating.

  7. @Meatball: My hobby world is nought but an open book to share with the world! Of course I don't mind you asking!

    @John: The background and fluff were inspired by the Fallout series of games, as for what game these will play a role in, that could be anybody's guess, I don't have a specific one in mind though.