Sunday, January 2, 2011

Housecleaning on a Global Scale

Time: 2075, Anno Domini
Place: Planet Earth

Model: BnL 5000 (left), BnL 3500 (right)
Primary Function: Refuse Removal
Equipment: Both BnL models sport advanced sorting and removal logic algorithms as well as above-average cognitive abilities in application to trash removal. The BnL 5000 was a unique design in that it utilized a quad servo-arm array and an omni-directional photoreceptor/recharge unit. The BnL 3500 is composed of more basic physical elements, but has an impressive suite of optical sensors and scanners.

Description: Both of these droids from the Buy n Large Corporation are precursors to the wildly successful Wall-E series of trash removal robotics. Many features of both models here were later refined and incorporated into the final design that is now the Wall-E. Both models are very self-sustaining as well with multiple redundant self-repair protocols, so where it is extremely rare, it is not unheard of to see some of these still in service.


  1. Loving the old school robots. They just don't make robots like they used to.

  2. What's really funny is that, while I read this post, my son was watching Wall-e on our tv!

  3. Eli's right. The robots we see first are familiar and alien all at once. Now of course the older ones are even more approachable because everyday technology has caught up with what might once have been cutting edge designs. Good colour scheme too - very utilitarian.

  4. Nobody has done the clasic? "Danger!, Danger Will Robinson Danger Danger!!" lokking good there mate. You get my barter bucket email?

  5. Really sweet work on these - they'd fit very nicely in my wasteland setting I think! They've got a nice amount of character for automatons :)

  6. I second the "Danger, Danger" comment- love these retro guys.

  7. Well done! Some of my favorite Scrollworks bits were art and robots that you created. :)

  8. @Chris: Just wait 'til later today, you'll see the perfect wasteland 'bots coming your way.

    @Christian: You know how proud I was to see my robot on one of your zine covers? It's also the first (and last) time I've EVER had someone give me a chance and commission something. That meant quite a great deal to me.

    @Derina and Loquacious: Ha! I was watching Forbidden Planet not too long ago (in honor of Leslie Nielsen) and Robbue the Robot was in that too!

    @Porky, Eli, and Brutorz: Thanks! They've been fun, but alas are almost at an end. Great point Porky about retro robot figs vs. modern robotics, the two are pretty much neck and neck making these so much more plausible than the "high future" they intended to be 30 years ago.

    @FP135: That is funny! I hope you showed him Wall-e's predecessors! Come to think of it, it's been a while since I've seen Wall-e, I may need to remedy that soon.

  9. Those robots look vaguely familiar ... like the ones roaming the wastelands of Fallout 3.

    Great stuff friend ...

  10. Thanks Joe, the next post has some true wasteland-wandering 'bots in it!