Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Pair of Missile Silos

Here's a pair of missile silo terrain pieces I whipped up, half of my opening salvo of terrain goals for 2011. See how I did that? Salvos, missiles...clever stuff. These were easy to build, and I just used spare parts lying around, nothing fancy.

For the bases I used old cd's, I'm beginning to like using cd's as a small terrain piece standard. The silos themselves were just PVC pipes that I glued down with Gorilla Glue. The missiles inside of them were from an old GI Joe vehicle, these were glued directly to the cd as well. The last part, the large exhaust vents in the center, were parts of an old vacuum cleaner (I think). They screwed in as part of a filtration system of something.

For the decals I kept it simple and used some numbers off of a Cadian Imperial Guard transfer sheet. I was a little stuck as to what else to put on there, it looked a bit plain. Poking around my decals/transfers bag I found it; Lego stickers.

Lego switched to using stickers instead of printed bricks some time ago, which was a real let down. For that reason I stopped using the stickers. These red stickers are from their Exo-Force line and worked out pretty well. They are just stickers though, so I may need to paint some white glue on them so they won't peel off.

Here's a top-down view of one of the silos...

What's terrain without the figs to use it? I made these silos with 15mm gaming in mind, sci-fi of course, but that WWII armored car up there does look kinda cool next to it. I also stuck some 28mm guys on there too, just to see, and although the scale of the missile goes from ICBM strength to surface-to-air strength, it still looks all right.


  1. Excellent recycling!!! At first I thought they were a bought product. great idea

  2. Great stuff man. Love all your terrain. Any tips for how you store boxes and boxes of it without it getting damaged?

  3. Nice ! and a bonus that it works with so many ranges !

  4. These look great! Yep I was thinking that they could work with 1/285 scale nicely as well. Great job!

  5. Very cool - I think these would look nice with 6mm miniatures as well!

  6. @Paul: Yup, not just leftover pieces, but basically junk pieces!

    @Tristan: Honestly, I don't box any of it up, I just bought a cheap shelf at an office store and I keep all the terrain on that in the corner. It makes for a good conversation piece when company comes over. You do have to dust it though.


    @Joe, ACGen, and Donogh: I should've stuck some 6mm on there too. I've got a pair of sat-comm towers I need to post up, and I'll stick some HotT stands with them. It's all the 6mm I've got, but it'll give you a good idea of the scaling.

  7. Like them,especially scratch building skills.