Friday, January 28, 2011

Secret Weapon Backpacks

I recently picked up a great selection of backpacks from Secret Weapon Miniatures and thought I'd share them here. There's three types up for grabs; the small backpacks, large backpacks, and communications backpack. To boot, it would seem all of these packs on sale right now too!

Compared to some Imperial Guard packs

If you've got a miniature needing a backpack, this is the way to go. The ruggedness of the packs lends itself across multiple genres and could be pulled off anywhere from WWII, to modern, to futuristic. Here's one of the communication packs next to one of the outlandish Cadian comm packs.

They're all white metal and arrived with very little mold lines needing hardly any clean up at all. The larger backpack is my favorite by far, and the one I plan on using the most of. The smaller "daypacks" are pretty cool as well, and with a little knife work, the comm-pack could double regular, slimmer pack.

Here's a look at all of the packs

I used some to outfit my Sons of Minos Space Marines

As you can see, the packs hold their own even on beefy troops

I should mention that Secret Weapon has more than just backpacks. Their main forté lies in custom bases. You can see one of them here on my Storm Wardens Veteran. They also have other nifty bits like Roman-style crests for helmet conversions, weathering pigments, and cool basing materials to name just a few.


  1. Some nice looking backpacks! Thanks for the tip.

  2. Hi Gyro,

    Cool blog. I am going to try and visit every ones blog that is following my blog.


  3. Nice posting .... I like em. Good for all sorts of themes ....

  4. @Bill: No problem, you need any?

    @Noel Vh: Thanks for stopping by, hopefully there's enough variety to keep you coming back. I'm loving TheOrky by the way, good stuff!

    @Joe: They may be a tad large for your needs!

  5. I was actually thinking about getting some for some P.A. figure conversions. : )

  6. Hi,

    Amaizing backpacks!!It`s a fantastic idea for my scouts!


  7. What a great find Mike. Just when I was looking for some packs for my guardsmen. :)

  8. @Luis Ed: Actually, scouts are a great idea! If I had some I'd be sticking them on right away.

    @V. Reyes: Yeah, Imperial Guard are where these packs really shine.

    I spent the morning sticking these large packs on a bunch of Space Marines, and it looks great. It's different, not seeing the iconic Sm backpacks, but it's not a bad look.

  9. Hey, thanks for the great review of my products. I'm glad that you like the packs.

    Another way to make your Space Marines stand out is with the helmet crests we offer. Although designed to work with our head swap line they also fit quite well on the Space Marine helmet.

  10. looks good and nice review, do you have any pics on them on guard figures?

  11. @Justin: No problem, the packs are great, thanks for making them, haha. I like those helmet crests too, you've got all kinds of goodies!

    @Millest: Unfortunately no, I've got a lot more pics on Space Marines though.