Thursday, January 27, 2011

200th Follower Winner!

A winner is you! Not so long ago I was going on about the 750th post here at Mik's Minis and during that time, thanks to a last minute push, the blog also cleared two hundred followers. To celebrate both milestones I thought I'd give something away, it seemed like something fun to do, and I must say that it was!

But what? And to whom? And how? The what was really the hardest part, the to whom and how parts were actually incredibly simple. I simply rolled a d20 to come up with the name. I drew the line at the most recent (at the time) follower count, which was 206, and just rolled a d20 and selected from the last twenty people to have signed on.

The prize pack took a little more thought, and I had some great ideas, both large and small. In the end I went with more of a "prize pack" that contained all kinds of stuff that collectively represented what the blog here is all about. It didn't cover any cooking or gardening nuggets, but it includes some figs, some toys, some know, the usual stuff around here. So without any more delay, here's the lowdown from your humble host. Enjoy!

Well there you have it, mucho congratulations to imredave over at the Forgotten Runes blog. It's a great roleplaying-centric blog and it's certainly worth checking out if you haven't done so already. Tell 'em Mik sent you, haha. As you can see, there's a nifty little cache of geek essentials heading their way as well and how appropriate was it all thanks to a die roll of a natural twenty! You know, I seem to get a lot nat20's on film!

Anyway, I hope this prize pack finds imredave well. If you're imredave, send me an email and we'll hash out all the fine print! My many thanks to everyone who has signed on board here, not just the last twenty, but all of you. I wish I could give out prize packs to all 206 of you. This was fun though, so I suspect I'll do something similar in the future, so until then!

On to the loot:


  1. Gratz imredave and nice job Gyro. That is some nice loot indeed :)

  2. Aww I'm so sad I didn't win. But I did find a cool Blog.

  3. Awesome. Congrats on the 200! I'm right behind you and it is equally mystifying for me.

    Nice bit of video too. I hope you pay your assistant well.

  4. Thanks everyone, and a big sorry to ya Deadmeat! As for the assistant Eli, yeah I pay well! PBJ's, grilled cheese, chicken nuggets, getting to stay up late on the couch watching MonsterQuest...