Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Blood Bowl Oskars Tourney

One last pitch-o-rama before I'm sidelined a bit (hey, a pun). This past Sunday we got a bunch of peeps around the game table and threw some blocking dice. I believe there were maybe five total matches played that day. Some people were coming and going so it was hard to keep track. We pulled in some fresh blood as well, including a couple of guys new to the game, but I do believe they'll be back. All in all it was a good evening, good friends, food, drink, and of course fantasy football madness. As usual you can track all of the teams and matches on the newly made league page, the Painsphere. Rock on everyone.


  1. Looks like a high-scoring game in the middle there!

    Just seeing Blood Bowl laid out makes me happy. What a great game.

  2. Thanks KG. I had to take the above pic for the same reason. I know my free time is tight right now and I didn't have any for a complete writeup, but I had to at least show the 'spectacle'.

  3. Looks like lots of fun was had!v

  4. That's a pretty impressive sight!

    kelvingreen, that middle match is my Skaven's 4-2 win over humans. It was 2-2 at the half-- actually very close match.