Saturday, February 26, 2011

Beards and Lasguns

Squats continue to pop up on the HUD. This last lot will pay off in the end, but I foresee a lot of work reconditioning them to their former glory. I picked up a sizeable batch of the stout folk, actually multiple small batches, and have set to the scrubbing.

Some of them are simply falling apart as I strip them. This is in large part due to the fact that it appears they were painted first, then glued together second. There's a second batch that appears to have been painted using enamel paints, and the third batch...well the third batch is holding up rather well through it all. All in all I'm hoping to salvage a good thirty to forty of the original multi-part plastic "Imperial Guard" Squats.

The bone pile o' pieces...

Here's my metal Squats who have come in intermixed and mingled. Of all the Rogue Trader stuff I've ever owned, I only had two Squats among them. There was a boxed set that included a Space Marine Landspeeder, an Imperial Guard Tarantula gun platform, and a Squat Mole Mortar. Sadly, those two Mole Mortar crew members are gone, but I feel like I've somewhat replaced their numbers. They're all gems really, but the Squat Adeptus Mechanicus in Power Armor is one of my favorites of the bunch. I've also got a Squat Medic (with a comically short chainsword, or chainknife. A Squat Servitor (which I didn't know existed), a heavy gunner, a loader model, and a cool looking character model with a Bolter strapped to his back. Rounding out all the stunty-ness is a Squat Thudd Gun.

I would be remiss if I didn't post my Squat Biker either! I will perfectly honest, this one was destined for the Simple Green, but I couldn't bring myself to it. My buddy Andy, of Little Lead Heroes, did a great job painting this guy up, and that's all there is to it. How can you not like this model either, he's a Squat doesn't get any cooler than that!

So, the Squats continue to amass in the depths of the Mik's Minis project files. If you have a lone Squat (or more) lying around and want to donate them to the cause, please do so! Beard and beer karma will reward you!


  1. Bakc in my Rogue Trader days I used to play two armies that were really just two versions of a similar army - Imperial Guard & Squats.

    My Squats were fun and became quite interesting once they moved away from being just stunty IG troopers. The bikes, exo-armor, and their own tech priest types and psychers really added race-specific character.

    It's a pity that GW couldn't find a place for this race in their future plans for their game. Their expplination that they could never find a unique place for the Squats in the game has never set well with me. I am pretty sure that if they wanted to, they could have figured something out.


  2. So much of this mirrors my thinking, in the post and Eli's comment. They're all gems, but it's true the power armour got the attention, and later they really did gain a lot of character. I agree the excuses we've heard don't sit well.

    "he's a Squat doesn't get any cooler than that!"


  3. I have to agree. It's great to see someone working on an army that's so full of character and personality, and it's a shame that GW feel there's no room for this army in the modern game.

  4. As a follow-up comment. I think that GW is missing an opportunity with the Squats. The biker thing has been growing in popularity. shows like American Chopper, Sons of anarchy and others have really revived biker chic and the biker as a pop cultural icon.

    The newer tech they are using for plastics and such would alloe them to make many of the troops very versatile and interesting.

    Forge World could go crazy with a whole new line of Squat madness.

    And who says the Squats have to be just bikers. They could be the Imperium's gear heads. allowing players who wanted to be the "good guys" to have an army with some good ol' Detroit appeal like the Orks.

    And face it, gamers like dwarves!


  5. I have a whole metal squat army that I've been thinking of repainting for Armies on Parade. I'll be watching your posts closely to see if you spur me on.

  6. @Eli: You have an excellent point right now, biker-chic is in and it's a definite tie-in to a lot of what's in the viewing media right now. Plus, gamers do like Dwarves, what gives?

    @Porky and KGreen: Yeah, GW seems to disappoint more often than not. They say they just didn't want to do 'fantasy in space', but for some reason it's okay to leave in Ogres, Halflings, Elves, and Drow? Plus, the whole fluff actually made sense with the high-grav, harsh surface world background fluff.

    @Drathmere: Don't watch me too closely! At the snail's pace rate I'm going Squats will officially be back in the lineup by the time these are done. I'd be very interested in seeing your own army progress (and if you have any duplicates

    @BBill: Now you see why I couldn't bring myself to strip his paint!

  7. Ha, if you'd mentioned Simple Green before hand, I would not have traded him to you!!

    More pictures.

  8. That's why I didn't! No, he looks too good to strip down, I wouldn't be able to do the same justice. I'll have to do a new post with a closeup of his tattoos!