Thursday, April 21, 2011

Helkima, Tuskgaarde Ranger

This is about the only format where I feel comfortable enough to break that most grievous of gamer-taboos, telling someone else about your character!

We were utilizing the FATE engine quite a bit, which I'm a big fan of. It's just a tight set of rules that can be applied to any genre, and they don't make any room for hanger-ons, every player is put into the middle of the story. In fact, the game depends on it.

Well do I need to mention Sarterra again? Massive fantasy world, co-created by a handful of us over the course of a year, fully-realized, mapped, populated, and the like? No? What's the point of having this great world if you can't romp around in it?

The ball was rolling for a new campaign launch, but shortly after brainstorming characters and the like, the mission was scrubbed. This is really too bad on many, many reasons, but some good came of it. For one, our resident artist Bi3cuit whipped up this cool sketch for my character, and two...well, I can't think of reason number two. Hopefully the campaign will get off the ground eventually though, until then my "Conan-half-Orc-archer-highlander" character will linger half finished here.

: Helkima
Race: Tuskgaarde
Class: Ranger

Skill Pyramid:
  • Ranged Weapons 5+
  • Survival, Melee Weapons 4+
  • Athletics, Endurance, Resolve 3+
  • Fists, Stealth, Might, Articifer 2+
  • Intimidate, Investigation, Empathy, Alertness, Rapport 1+
  • Quick Shot (ranged weapons, allows multiple shots per action)
  • Lightning Hands (more dex-based goodness)
  • Trick Rider (as it sounds, using a dire wolf as the mount)
  • Tracker (as it should be, being a woodsy archer and all)
  • Animal Companion (the aforementioned dire wolf)
  • Embrace of Ouroboros (Helkima has undergone rites and rituals of his native peoples to tap into that funky tree-hugging vibe)
  • Child of the First Tree (all Tuskgaarde receive this racial ability)
  • Way of the Free and Divine (learned martial arts/weapons training from bird-man monks)
  • Trained by the Sons of Berrick (learned beer drinking and rangering from hardcore Dwarves)
  • Noble Savage (I just love playing this archetype, the Conan/Greystoke kind of deal)
  • Deeds Not Words (working name, a hokey name stolen from an even hokier movie, but the premise here, the whole 'jump head first' kind of mindset, is the same)

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  1. Looking great Mik ... My storyline in Savage lands needs some updates as well !