Friday, April 22, 2011

Squats Reinforcements Arrive

The Squat land-train rolls on, this time with a new batch of reinforcements! This was a good haul indeed. The last batch is still soaking in Simple Green, and they're going to take some work getting into usable shape, but those are just the ground-pounders.

This batch, mostly all metal, will be the personalities and special weapons troopers. There's a lot of fun ones in here, so let's not delay!

A trio of melta-gunners...

A trio of dual-wielding chainswords and laspistols...

A trio of plasma gunners...

A trio of, what? Auto-gunners?

Last is this guy, which I was very happy to find as this is one of the Squats I've been trying to get a hold of since I started this project. He's missing his foot tab, but that's only a minor inconvenience. When you're acquiring 20+ year old figs, you take what you can get. This one is armed with a bolt pistol (really it's a boltgun) and a big ole power fist. He also has some kind of cybernetic face-mask thing going on. I've got some cool personalities already, but this guy's going to join their ranks for sure.

What am I doing with all these Squats? I dunno. It's fun piecing together this pretty venerable collection of the Emperor's stepchildren however.


  1. Wow- now they bring back some fond memories!

    While you don't have that many of them- skirmish games? Squat warband sounds awesome

  2. Thanks Tenzing, and yeah, skirmish gaming indeed!

  3. Definitely a great haul! I saw some really nice squats figs painted up recently and damned if I remembered to link you - I'll see if I can find it again.

    I think they can perfectly use the guard codex (play some skirmish or smaller points games like Tenzing mentioned), which means I'd suggest finding "squat" counts as for chimeras or even valks. The autogunners could pass for sniper rifles I think (ratlings?) and those bikes could easily count as rough riders.

  4. Always loved the Squats, never understood why they stopped making them.