Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Incoming From Firebase Spartan

If you haven't been over to Firebase Spartan, do so. It's a great sci-fi wargaming site that's not system specific or even scale specific, plus the focus is on military sci-fi endeavors as well. So in a way, it's like a focused version of what I wanted originally for this blog...800+ posts later however I know my randomness can be reined in.

Spartan 117 used to run a couple of different blogs, each one dedicated to just one scale, I don't know how that didn't drive him insane frankly. Now, everything's been wrapped up nice and neat and one central hub is all you need for cool projects, batreps, and more. Recently he put out a request for some help acquiring some AT43 walking tanks, offering up a trade. I jumped on it, mainly because it was a good deal but also because I like the sense of a connected gaming community, even know we're scattered all over the globe and have never met face to face.

x2 Packs of troops via Khurasan Miniatures

A large pack of Rebel Minis Earth Force troopers

What really got my attention; x5 Rebel Minis HAMRs

A Khurasan gunboat

A trio of Lynx Hover APC's by Brigade Models

An absolutely MASSIVE Khurasan heavy MBT

And a pair of GZG's Phalanx six-wheeled APCs (also huge)

So pretty much a amphibious APC boatload full of troopers, walkers, mecha, tanks, and more. Thanks again to Spartan 117, it's trades like this where everybody comes out happy. Now, most unlike Spartan 117 who is fast to cranking out projects, I don't know when exactly I'll be getting to all this 15mm stuff, but get to it I shall. Until then, enjoy!


  1. Great haul my friend .... looking forward to seeing some paint on them

  2. Yeah, me too! Err, wait, that's *my* job to paint them isn't it?

  3. How could he part with that awesome Siler tank!?

  4. Tell me about it! Looking at his site however, I see has more...and they're painted up to boot. What's one more super-heavy tank?