Monday, April 25, 2011

A New Weird West: Rango

Has it really been a year since I reviewed a movie? I need to get out more! Tonight more than made up for it however as I took the firstborn and her friend to see Rango.

Short and to the point, this is a great movie, you will love it. For an animated movie it also deviates quite a bit from the pack. It's not a kid's movie that adults will happen to enjoy, like say Kung-Fu Panda, it's pretty much the other way around. It's a movie for adults that kids can still enjoy after the fact. The fact that Hunter S. Thompson (and Gonzo the lawyer) both make a cameo appearance in the first few minutes of the film was a pretty major indicator.

It's a pure western story, with all the staples therein, and it pays proper homage to those facets while putting its own perspective on it, including the most iconic of all westerns near the end. What's more is the cast of characters, all desert creatures fair and foul. In its own way, which appealed to me greatly, was the large sense of an After the Bomb, Mutant Future kind of vibe going on. Here's a visual for you: A goggle-wearing bandito mole-rat swooping down on a wagon atop the back of a large bat while cranking a gatlin-gun. I might've been the only one in the theater thinking, "Dude, this would make for a great Gamma World game!"

I know my review isn't the most timely, Rango's been out for a good month or two already, but I had to chime in nonetheless. It's a smart film on many levels with superb animation and excellent writing. This one isn't just another formulated flick heaped on the animation pile, go see it, you won't be disappointed.


  1. The entire movie would fit right into the After the Bomb: Road Hogs setting for the old Palladium TMNT RPG.


  2. @Eli: I was thinking that the entire time! We used to play the heck out of that game, especially the Mutants of the Yucatan sourcebook.

    @Tristan: There's more where that came from!