Monday, May 23, 2011

Space Marine Videogame Dropping in This Summer

After finishing up a somewhat disappointing couple of runs of Dragon Age II I decided to give videogames a rest while I got some progress on miniatures projects. There are some titles coming out I'll be picking up however. Mass Effect 3 is at the top of a very short list, but also on there is the action-shooter, rpg-lite Space Marine. Just look at the above shot of a jump pack equipped trooper coming in from orbit. That is awesome.

The game set up has you entrenched on a Forge World against a Waaaagh! full of Orcs, however this pic gave me pause. Wielding the huge power hammer rocks in and of itself, but it seems that you'll be up against some forces of chaos as well, like the Bloodletters here. Where's there's Bloodletters I gotta imagine there's also going to be other four god goodness.

This is another iconic shot that really evokes the imagery of what it means to be one of the Emperor's Finest. A power armored super-human, his massive boltgun, and hordes upon hordes of the enemy bearing down on you.

The initial previews look promising, and the game play is a mix of third person shooter as well as action RPG. I don't know if you switch characters or just get different equipment along the way either. There are some mini-movie-like cut scenes that take place during combat too, sort of like finishing move. Once you trigger these the action slows down to bullet-time and what the developers call an "actionmatic" takes place. Mostly I've seen this in melee with the chainsword dispatching foes up close.

So that's a wrap, just thought I'd stick up some screenshots. The game looks cool, and it sounds like the developers are trying to do the control system justice, and we already know the genre and setting are cool, so I'll keep my fingers crossed for this one.


  1. I enjoyed the original Dawn of War games but I do not really play much anymore. It actually help get me back into GW stuff after my other modern experiment with table top (WotC Chainmail) stopped production. I was not really happy with the PC Blood Bowl game since the one player AI was so weak.

    Is this game coming out on game systems also. I do not really get to use the full PC since my wife uses it at night for her blog and would have to play on my 360.

  2. I should've mentioned the platform, it's definitely Xbox 360, so is probably all of the big consoles.

    I've never had a PC, so I've been shut out on all the DoW goodness, but I've heard good things about it. The Xbox (PC) version of Blood Bowl was pretty weak, but it's nice to dominate the dojo every now and then!

  3. I'm so super excited about this game personally.
    I have high hopes for this, THQ involved who were involved in Dawn of War.
    Got to have high expectations.

  4. You mentioned being disappointed about Dragon Age II ... I didn't play it yet. What did you not like ?

  5. I actually found a preview for it in an Xbox magazine residing in my restroom today. Looks interesting but I will wait and see. Probably look for it at the 30 dollar price point and check it out then. I really cannot spend 60 bucks for a game anymore with the second little one on the way.

  6. @Warflake: Me too! I'm really a part-time videogamer, so when a title comes out and makes me take notice I really take notice.

    @Joe: I should review it I guess. The first one was so much better in both scope and storyline. All the second one had going for was a cleaned up interface and more efficient ergonomics. The story had its moments, barely. The first one is still the king.

    @Brad: The way I am with money and games, I usually wait months to a year before picking up a "new" title. It's usually super cheap by then too, plus everyone's reviewed it to death as well.

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