Monday, June 20, 2011

Deathwatch Marines: Sons of Minos

For our recent Deathwatch roleplaying game I whipped up player characters for five of the six people at the table, myself included of course. We had a great mix of chapters and specialist roles, so it made painting them up fun. In this post I've got my Sons of Minos tactical marine and Biscuit's Sons of Minos apothecary.

The Sons of Minos, in similar fashion to the Dark Angels and other chapters, prefer to wear monastic-type robes. The rest of their armor and equipment are repainted in typical Deathwatch black. This includes most of the apothecary's equipment including his helmet. You can see here the tactical marine has an older MkV backpack.

Deathwatch ceremonial shoulder pads

I know I've said this before, but John over at Santa Cruz Warhammer really came through on the shoulder pads. Painted up these look great and really capture the feel I was looking for when I came up with the idea for the chapter.

The older MkV armor here has been stained beyond cleansing from past actions. This was a result on the archaic armors charts found in Rites of Battle. You can also see here where the eyes of all Sons of Minos marines glow a dark red.

Biscuit's apothecary got a bit more paint tweaking after I took these pics. It's amazing all the little screw-ups you don't notice until after the photo's been taken. This was a fun model to paint and I wanted to change it up and keep him predominantly black instead of adding in a lot of white parts. I also like the model because of the big ole, scoped bolter hanging on his hip, which just looks cool. For both of these models I used Dark Angels robed bodies mixed in with parts from the command squad boxed set.


  1. Lookin good buddy, you are making me quite jealous - I am trying to be patient waiting for my buddies to give deathwatch another go.

  2. @Tristan: Thanks, we played our first game over the weekend. It was fun, we'll just need to learn the rules a bit better.

    @John: Thanks! I always have a lot of fun getting into the model-making, bits swapping, and the like.

    Tomorrow's post has the Devastator and Librarian models, the day after that is the WIP Techmarine (with a homemade servo-arm).

  3. Cool stuff. I think buying and modelling 40k stuff for RPG sessions would actually more enjoyable than the army treadmill!
    I really wish Inquisitor hadn't turned out so crummy. A true narrative skirmish-rpg 40k game would be great.

  4. Nice :) I have a sudden urge to paint some marines!