Thursday, June 2, 2011

Imperial Vinidcare Assassin

Prepping for our recent Super40K battle I realized I needed a sniper figure! I went to Reaper's Figure Finder hoping to find some kind of Chronoscope fig that would do. Then I poked around my own bits box and found this guy, and Imperial Vindicare Assassin...just sitting there. I wonder how many more $15 dollar figs I've got just laying around?

Did you catch Santa Cruz Warhammer's "Top Ten Models of all Time" series a while back? If not you should, there were a couple of models I personally would've added in there myself...but I wasn't doing the writing. I know for a fact I would've included this model in that list however, and mainly because he's the most non-GW GW fig I've seen.

You can't really appreciate a sculpt until you paint it. It's kind of cool discovering all the little details you didn't realize were there the first time around, not until you get a brush on the fig itself. This fig has those details, and more. It's moved up to a spot in my own "fave figs of all time" book.

His rifle looks more like a suped-up, modern sniper rifle than anything in the 40k universe. His pistol doesn't look like anything from any race in the 40k universe either, it looks more like a Gyro-jet pistol from Gamma World. Okay, the plethora of skulls about his person are kind of a giveaway, and the purity seal on his holster is too, but file off the seal, and you'd be hard-pressed to peg this guy to any one genre, and it certainly wouldn't be 40k.

Since I was painting him up for use with the SuperSystem rules, and I wanted to continue the non-GW looking GW fig trend, and went with a fairly bright, definitely non-standard color scheme. It wasn't until after I painted him up that I thought how familiar he looked. Then I realized he looks exactly like an Agent of Hydra! Exactly!


  1. The model and paintjob are both superb, love the bright green!

    Read your last post too about using SuperSystem with 40K and I think it's a great idea!

    A buddy and me payed a game of Apocalypse a little while ago and we used our own houserules to enhance the fun and speed of play:

  2. I love the Agent of HYDRA look about him. In fact, he works perfect such a character.

  3. Such a great paintjob man.

    Really nice colour scheme.

    I remember when they first came out and they were 5 pound haha.

  4. Wicked Cool!! Love the green color scheme!

  5. Nice work. It was probably a 8 dollar or 2 for 10 model when you got it.

    He definitely needs to talk to his supply officer to get his camo suit checked out. I remember Gyro Jet Pistols from Star Frontiers. Your comment about the skulls got me thinking about that "Are we the baddies?" skit.

  6. Thanks guys, I've been busy and didn't get a chance to chime in until now.

    @Andy: We had a blast using SuperSystem rules. Your Apoc game looked cool, was that a Facehugger as a biotitan?

    Eli, Warflake, and BBill: I just kinda picked the green on a whim, one of the few colors I feel confident in shading well. For the web gear I went with orangey-tan because it didn't require multiple coats!

    @Eriochrome: Now that you mention it...I did get two to a pack. One was painted long ago and is now long gone. You're right too, I was thinking Gamma World, but I think I menat Star Frontiers!

  7. Lovely paintjob Mik - not one I'd seen before, I love the subconcious Hydra Agent influence! It's a classic figure - I agree about it's almost un-40k qualities - I'd like to see GW re-do the whole Assassin range, as I think they'd make a kickass job!

  8. As long as they don't redo the range in resin! Thanks for the props, it is very funny how the HYDRA prompt weaseled its way into my subconscious too.

  9. Indeed it was a Facehugger Mik. Would like to do another one, but start with something totally different. Maybe a scorpion ...