Thursday, June 16, 2011

Welcome to LEGO Thursdays

I would say 'welcome' but with the title that's a tad redundant. It occurred to me until recently that a LEGO gallery site, Brickshelf, I had been using before I started Mik's Minis still had some of my older content.

I don't have a ton of MOCs there, but enough to say, "Hmm, those should be here." So I went to the old laptop, grabbed the old photos, and they'll be resurrected in a new weekly feature.

I picked Thursday because, A) there's four letters in "LEGO", and Thursday is the fourth day, B) Thursday was the night that Seinfeld came on before it went into syndication and that was an awesome show, and C) I don't really have a 'C' because there's no alliteration with the word LEGO. I'll post at 6:16pm too, because that is today's date.

Off the bat we'll start with those files that were originally at Brickshelf, which I won't even bother posting the link to since they'll now be here safe and snug. Hopefully that'll be good for a few months worth (at one per week, sure) and maybe, just maybe, it'll inspire me to crank out new LEGO content for the future.

Of course, since Mik's Minis started, a lot of my LEGO stuff can be conveniently found under the LEGO label right here. For any kind of gamer, from roleplaying to miniatures gaming, there's a LEGO option for you. Just build it!


  1. Looking forward to this! Although it's been many years since I cranked anything out myself I spent a lot of time with it when I was a child.

    This ship popped up in my Feedly today and this Jawa sandcrawler is pretty jaw(a) dropping!

  2. This is funny timing since I just posted about my brickforge order!

  3. Excellent! Your blog is part of what inspired me to get back into Legos after all of these years, that and the cool Lego Green Army Men! : )

  4. @Martin: It's ships like that first one that I'd like to aspire to someday. As far as the sandcrawler goes, that's just a beast.

    @CFett: Heh, yeah, I saw that. I've had tons of LEGO stuff on here before, but like everything else its been scattered and random, at least now I'll have one home for it. Brickforge is a great site, I've been wanting to pick up some Centaur bodies for a while now.

    @BBill: Glad to hear it, hopefully I'll have some more block-madness for you yet.