Friday, July 29, 2011

Chaos Pact; Small, Medium, and Large

I finished up some of my non-human players on the Blood Gryphons. They seem pretty glossy because I haven't Dull Coted them yet, the weather in my neck of the woods has been about ninety-five degrees every day with about 90% humidity...not good sealing weather. Since my Blood Bowl figs see the most (and roughest) action, I really varnish them down to protect them. Once the Dull Cote goes on they're good to go.

Slab Crag-Iron, my Chaos Ogre; Ogre Kingdoms parts

Lomnis Spannerback, Goblin troublemaker with a one strength

Critt Hakk'ck, Skaven with the (bone) claw mutation


  1. Nice, just realized that gobbo is the old 4th ed fantasy monopose. I am going to have to use one to give myself another goblin for my orc team!

  2. Thanks. I thought about leaving the tiny little dagger on his belt for when he picked up dirty player. Then I realized it might be a while for that (roll of doubles) so he got sneaky git instead. I really need to get cracking on painting this team, I'm awfully sluggish so far!

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  4. I need something to hid my ever-growing beer gut. Maybe that ogre could lend me his gut-plate.