Thursday, July 28, 2011

LEGO Thursday: Zombpocalypse Survivors

Not all roleplaying adventuring parties are fantasy based. We ran a short-live (no pun intended) but incredibly fun Zombpocalypse game using the d20 Modern rules some time ago.

Our GM, Rucht, threw some interesting curve-balls in on us and turned what we thought was a run-of-the-mill zombie romp into something a bit more creative.

I believe we all ended up on a boat, marooned at sea, unaware that the zombies were approaching us underwater. Like I said, lots of fun, and any game where the GM has you make a back-up character at the same time as your regular character you know things are going to be rough!

My first character, a thuggish, street-wise hooligan is on the left here. He was eaten by zombies fairly quickly. In the middle we have the local preacher, armed with a buzz saw and revolver, he was a zombie-whacking machine. Speaking of whacking, on the right was a local professional baseball player armed with his bat. He could also throw baseballs with deadly accuracy. A rag-tag bunch of survivors indeed.


  1. That baseball player's hair reminds me of the 1993 Phillies and their squad of mullets and facial hair. Nice!

  2. My hombre T-Bone needs to chime in with that ball players PC name (since it was his). You guys hit the nail on the head, he pretty much was Kenny Powers...just a few years before the show came out.

  3. very cool, always loved lego

  4. Tony Nolesco was the ball player. I was trying to get close to Conseco without actually using the name. It turns out, there actually is a Nolesco playing somewhere.

  5. @Brummie: They're waiting for you at your local store, calling out to you, "Brummie, buy us..."

    @Oz: That was it, the way you played him was similar to the show Eastbound and Down they were talking about, youtube some clips of it and you'll see.

    @Spacejacker: Good! That makes me happy to hear, there's plenty more to come!