Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mail Call

Yesterday's mailbox venture yielded more than bills and spam fliers for new roofing contractors, it yielded free geek stuff. Plus the two items cover the two main genres of my gaming world, tabletop minis and roleplaying games.

First up is issue number one of Loviatar, a 'zine dedicated to fleshing out an urban fantasy setting. To boot it's set loosely in the Forgotten Realms for those franchise-inclined but can easily be ported to a homebrew setting. It's also neat because it takes me back twenty years to the indie-published days full of these types of endeavors. Head over there now and get a subscription, you won't be disappointed.

Speaking of places you need to head over to Land War in Asia, this blog never disappoints in the batrep department, beautifully done tables and armies, and a scope of genres across the board. His content is consistently solid and always a good read. Recently Donogh held a reader contest, and I won two excellently painted mounted cavalrymen from Dixon's American Civil War range.


  1. Sounds good. so is it like Baldurs gate type thing or the forgotten realms in general?

    Well done on winning the comp

  2. It's actually set squarely in Baldur's Gate! Having read through it a couple of times now, the first issue is pretty awesome.

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  4. Well, I was going to stop blogging, but now that spam-bot here has encouraged me to "keep blogging" I guess I shall!