Monday, July 18, 2011

Mecha-Love Power

My niece got married not too long ago, making me feel even older of course since she was the flower girl at my wedding sixteen years ago. Anyway, they had an empty scrapbook book and a table full of Sharpies. They hadn't considered the "Uncle Mik" factor...


  1. Y'know that's actually pretty good. Little sappy at the end, but I guess you have to account for the setting. LOL

  2. incredible! That's a page to be treasured. :)

  3. The script is awesome. An instant Michael Bay classic!

    Definitely a one of a kind memento

  4. @CFett: I had to throw that last panel in there or it probably wouldn't make the wedding scrapbook cut at all!

    @Christian: There was a ripple effect and all of my younger nieces and nephews wanted to do their own comic pages causing a complete hijacking of the album. Of course I encouraged them the whole time!

    @Brian: Haha, I didn't think of it like that. I'm moving to Hollywood and giving him a run for his money. Christian, you better be ready to teach me how to surf!