Friday, August 12, 2011

Cap Back Atcha

Two Caps for today, coupled with my movie review last month and you'd think I've gone cap-crazy. Not really, it's all coincidence. We (my daughter and I) needed a better representation of the first Avenger than what I had shown the other day.

I found the Marvel Universe version (the official and most excellent figure line of all the supes) online for a reasonable price but didn't want to wait. We found the above fig at the store, and although he's from the movie line of toys it doesn't matter, we open our packages 'round these parts.

There were about six Caps to choose from; WWII Cap, Arctic Cap, Comic version of Cap (with metallic pants?), Night Stealth Cap, Break-dancing Cap, and so on. We opted for "heavy artillery" Cap, basically because he looks normal once you ignore all the spring-loaded nonsense that came in the package with him. Plus, his shield is pretty normal, which apparently is a big criteria.

As for the coffee cup, it was just too cool to pass up. I found it for three bucks at a discount clothing store in the back with the other assorted and random kitchen stuff. I also got a ceramic, multi-colored fish you use to put dirty spoons and the like on while cooking. I thought that might've been pushing it too far to include here however.


  1. The fish could have represented Namor!

    That's a really cool mug. I wonder if they do them for other characters? I'd quite like a Hulk one in that style.

  2. Very Nice. I'm on the lookout for a nice mug. Just not found the 'one'

  3. @KG: The fish is awesome, I've used it twice now in the kitchen. As for a Hulk cup like this, that would be awesome, green is my favorite color. Iron Man is my favorite hero though, so a gold "classic" mug would be cool like him too.

    @Brummie: It's funny, if you look back through some of my projects post you normally see my 'one' coffee cup(s) lingering in the background. Normally when I'm typing up posts, one is at hand as well. Cap here has joined a nice stable of good mugs.