Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Outbound Minis

Here's a couple of 40k models that got the shortcut to the front of my queue. Ironically, neither of them will be residing on my shelves, these are export only.

One is an older, third edition Space Marine Librarian updated with some newer gear. He's going to be a Deathwatch Librarian painted up for one of the winners of the Minions of the Monster Master contest that just wrapped up. That's right, just one of many winners!

The second is an old, lead Eldar Harlequin for Tristan of GW Pertinent. He's collecting Eldar Harlequins painted by other people, if you have one laying around paint it up and send it to him. If not, he's got extra Harlequins he will send you to paint up. For this one I'm going with a Death Jester paint scheme.


  1. Looks cool. The rogue trader stuff always did have more character

  2. dude, thanks! that's a super cool mini - and a sculpt not in my possession (yet! ;) ) really appreciated!

  3. @Tristan: I'm basically done with him, just a few more touch-ups and the like. I'll try to get a WIP pic up or something.

    @Brummie: The older stuff wasn't restrained, it definitely had a certain quality about it that the new stuff is lacking. A soul?