Saturday, September 3, 2011

Castle Crashin'

Sharpie and markers, photographed straight out of my sketchbook

A quick post today. Firstborn and I have been playing a lot of the excellent, excellent button-masher named Castle Crashers. Did I mention this game is excellent? Anyway, firstborn asked for some Castle Crasher art to adorn the bedroom door. How could I refuse? Here's one of the Barbarians, a staple antagonist in the game.


  1. If only I had an Xbox. That looks like a fun game. Nice artwork by the way. Bet firstborn is pleased.

  2. My kids love that game on PS3! Great cartoony graphics ... maybe someday I'll get permission from them to try it myself ;-)

    Cool drawing! Could you make one in postersize of the 4 knights too?

  3. Thanks Brian, she was pleased. The colors are a lot richer in person, I could've scanned it instead of just photographing it, but it came out close enough.

    Thanks Andy, you should sneak some button-time when the kids aren't around! It's a fun game, and sure, I think I could crank out a x4 Knights version!

  4. I think I need to wait until they complete the game. Those knights have statistics and weapons that you can change and are autosaved ... at least that's what they told me ;-)

    Ax4 knights version would be something my kids would love! If you ever need to fill a dull evening ... hint ... hint ...

  5. Mik? Where did you go? I am used to a post a day. I am guessing one of three options:
    1) School started and you are so busy, you have no time to post
    2) Your garden has grown so big, it has attacked the house and chewed through your internet connection.
    3) Aliens. Nuf said.

  6. I know! Well at least there's about a million Lego Thursdays queued up! To answer the rest:

    1) No school for me right now...I'm even busier as a stay-at-home dad for the new baby!

    2) My garden actually is attacking the house, I need to do a post on it. It has gone nuts.

    3) Aliens always throw a monkey-wrench in the best laid plans. I love them though, they'll be our allies against the robot overlords.

    4) And the number one time-consumer? Space Marine on XBox. Yeah, I can't put down the controller (well, except to write this).