Thursday, September 29, 2011

LEGO Thursday: Mavros Rising, Cruiser

I had mentioned building scales earlier, this one I believe falls solidly into the micro-scale category. It's a cruiser, which means it's pretty much the smallest ship in the fleet that is still capable of independent operations. Serving on a class of cruiser such as this is definitely a high-note in any space naval career.

Aft-comm arrays, observation deck, and thrusters

I was shooting for sleek, deadly, and intimidating

Parting shot...


  1. I like that. You could build battle fleet gothic in legos.

  2. That was exactly my thoughts would like great for BFG!

  3. I never liked BfG, but lego starship models for gaming are a great idea. (I got stuck into those star wars micro scale models way back when) and micro scale mdeling is really fun with Lego.. So much more demanding.

    You could stick fires or other battle damage pieces as a bonus.

  4. This is excellent composition and execution. Very impressive.

    Edit: the captcha code was "alist" ... very appropriate!

  5. Dude. Run BFG with Lego ships. Or Firestorm Armada or Full Thrust. Seriously.

  6. @Brummie, Mike, and Eriochrome: Thanks guys! More micro-scale goodness for Thursdays to come!

    @Spacejacker: I played Space Fleet back in the day (waaaaay back in the day). I've got a copy of Full Thrust sitting on the shelf too.

    @Andy: Firestorm Armada is where it's at, all we would need to start off with would be the rulebook, add those sweet looking ships at a later date...