Friday, September 30, 2011

New Games In Hand

Things have been quiet around here on the gaming front. I'm still doing stuff, it just hasn't been the over-the-top game-a-palooza pace that y'all have been accustomed to seeing me do. A cool thing to report on though is a couple of rulebooks I picked this week and last.

First things first is the above copy of Tomorrow's War, and man has this book been highly anticipated! It's the definitive sci-fi standalone in the same vein as the modern cousin, Force on Force. I can't wait to sink my teeth into this one, and there's a lot of sinking to is a mighty tome indeed. I see it's not released for a couple of more weeks yet, so I count myself lucky to have been able to snag an advanced copy.

Next up on the new rules list is 5150 Star Army, and if you've been a reader here you know there have been a lot of 5150 games in the past. Also, readers will note there have been times where getting the rules down consistently has been troublesome for me. Well even after a cursory glance it seems all that and more has been fixed in this new edition. It's not just a new edition, it's a complete overhaul really.

In related news, I will be reviewing these two games in particular, as well as other games and the like over at Santa Cruz Warhammer. In addition to my Barter Bucketing responsibilities at SCWH there's going to be a new feature with me reviewing tabletop games, card games, videogames, movies, whatever that may be gaming related. My first review is up of the Space Marine videogame, and a preview of 5150 Star Army is due in a few days from now. I'll keep the cross-posting to a minimum, and still keep my battle reports here of course.


  1. Ooh! Two games I'm very excited to try out! Also looking forward to the space based 5150 game.

    Will be interesting to hear your thought on them!

  2. Nice, really looking forward to Tomorrow's War.

    First impressions? Any ideas of what miniatures you'll use with them?

  3. @Martin: The Captain's version of the space game sounds awesome, I didn't know they were working on that.

    @Vladdd309: I have been as well, first impressions? This thing is a beast, I've had grad-level Anthropology textbooks with less information than this thing. But it looks sweet, oh so sweet. Minis? I detailed my large infantry company of 15mm a couple of weeks ago, so they'll get the lion's share of action. I've also got some old Warzone figs that might duke it out with some Pig Iron troopers. Oh, and my Necromunda Ratskins might get attacked by the toy bugs I bought at the grocery store!

  4. You should come out and play them sometime!

  5. Looking forward to your review on T's war Mik!