Thursday, September 22, 2011

LEGO Thursday: Terra Explorer Repaints

I wouldn't call repaints are the 'holy grail' of LEGO building, but they are kind of like the Sasquatch. People have seen them, but they're kind of elusive and rare. Basically a repaint is what it sounds like, taking a design and changing the colors. The trick is, if you're doing your own design, you don't have instructions so you not only have to build it the exact same way from memory, but you have to get it right. And in a different color. Oh, and you also have to have all the right pieces to pull it off. In different colors. I loved my Terra-X from the previous week so much that shortly after I built it I set out to do some repaints.

The jalopy, ad-hoc, mix-and-matched Terra-X

Blacktron crewed white Terra-X

Classic Space red Terra-X

Classic Space blue Terra-X

All four repaints with the original thrown in for good measure


  1. I think I like the Jalopy the best, just because the crew seem a bit tough and piratical.

  2. @CF: I think the jalopy is my favorite too! Even intergalactic scalawags need science teams to hunt down minerals and what-not.

    @BB: Thanks!

  3. Jalopy is my favourite also :) Rather frontier-world!